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Future Combat Systems was a Bush-era military program that proposed all sorts of new technologies with the purpose of creating a more mobile and easily deployable military for the US' peacekeeper role, but just as powerful as a traditional Cold War military. Formally launched in 2003, FCS was envisioned to create new brigades equipped with new manned and unmanned vehicles linked by an unprecedented fast and flexible battlefield network and aided by various pieces of other gear. In April and May 2009, Pentagon and Army officials announced that the FCS vehicle-development effort would be cancelled. The rest of the FCS effort would be swept into a new, pan-Army program called the Army Brigade Combat Team Modernization Program.

In 2010, with monetary cuts in the military despite being in the middle of a war, Charles Millon's administration made a deal with the Obama administration that would mutually serve both countries. In exchange for the halving of the US debt owed to Franco-Germania (the combined debt of France and Germany), the Franco-German Commonwealth would gain the rights to all of the cancelled FCS programs, in addition to the right to produce tthose systems formerly under the FCS umbrella.

The parent companies of the F-22 Raptor, ABL laser platform, and CV-22 Osprey threw in the aforementioned weapons into the deal, granting the FGC access to the F-22, ABL, and CV-22.

Systems Acquired[]

These systems were all acquired from the US, but they were modified for the Franco-German Commonwealth's purposes, which were still similar to the original FCS program's purpose: speedy deployment without sacrificing power.

  • FCS Network (instead of satellites for the network, a network of quantum computers suspended from neutral buoyancy balloons were used, equipped with an electrical discharge feature for defense, known by the codename "Brainstorm")
  • Future Force Warrior
  • Vehicles
  • XM1219 ARV
  • XM1218 Countermine (revived by the FGC military)
  • XM1217 Transport (revived by the FGC military)
  • Devices

As well, many other weapons were thrown into the deal. These include:

Gladiator Tactical Unmanned Ground Vehicle (TUGV)

Black Knight Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Crusher Unmanned Supply Transport Vehicle

F-23 Black Widow( basis for homebuilt generation-five fighter)

Airborne Laser Missile Defense Platform

CV-22 Osprey

  • This is just the tip of the iceberg on programs received from the United States.*