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FreeMine(FreeMine Mining Company)
Type Statutory Corporation
Founded 24 March 1961
Owner State
Key People Husyss Howyss
Headquarters FreeMine HTB
Area served Antarctica
Industry Mining
Products Ferrous metals, platinum, nonferrous metals, coal, base metals, industrial minerals,gold,aluminium
Revenue Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 47.361 billion
Profit Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 17.361 billion
Employees 876,146 (2006)

FreeMine is a major Antar mining company, originally founded in Yayolomao as a mining enterprise, but has since expanded into other areas. Natural resources remain the focus of its operations. Its headquarters are in Yayolomao, near Yayolomao Basen. Its primary listing is on the Yayolomao Stock Exchange Index.