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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

This, quite simply, chills things to very low temperatures.

The ability to delete or transfer heat is a fundamental mage's concept, though not learnable through channeling. Magi can specify how much to chill things by, how quickly to do so, and just what should be affected. The spell has many, many uses. The variety this names is that of chilling water until it freezes to ice or snow. Chilling to ice is a lot easier to chilling to snow because any body of water naturally chills to ice. When the water freezes it changes into ice, and the ice of course expands. This gives a lot of uses:

  • Breaking rock - water slivers in rock expand upon freezing, causing the rock to shatter.
  • Carpeting the ground with ice to trip people over or to slide with little friction.
  • Entrapping people who are in contact with or are submerged in water. This could potentially be deadly.