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Future World (FW) is a collaborative project that takes place in current day Earth except that there are new nations replacing old ones in a New World Order scenario. Started in December 2008, Future World has seen many reforms as well as extreme ups and downs, but has remained an ongoing project. In December 2013, Future World will be was five years old.

Brief scenario[]

During the rise of the Cold War, nations became paranoid with the threat of global nuclear holocaust. In response, uprisings broke out and new nations were formed out of the old. The Cold War ended and even more new nations formed from the old collapsing Communist countries. With the turn of the millennium and the beginning of the War on Terror, this outbreak occurred again as western civilization entered a decline, economic collapses, global war, government corruption, the rise of police states and terrorism.

Your duty[]

Choose a region of the world and create your new nation out of the old. Decide if your nation will be a free nation or a new dictatorship. Will you expand through peace and aid other nations or grow through invasion and power?

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