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  • Gulf War ends.
  • The Military rule in Skandinavia ends; the Monark inherits the lost power of the Forsvaret.
  • The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is reorganized into the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics.


  • Unrest in the Balkans leads to genocide and war in Bosnia.


  • Bill Clinton is inaugurated as 42nd president of the US.
  • Al Qaeda bombs the World Trade Center, failing to bring the towers down.
  • The Internet and World Wide Web is born.
  • Battle of Mogadishu between US forces and Somali militants occurs.


  • US President Clinton signs the Assault Weapons Ban in breach of the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.
  • The US invades Haiti.
  • George W. Bush is elected governor of Texas.
  • The still unsolved assasination of Jonas Boehm occurs.
  • The Austro-Hungarian Confederation is disbanded.
  • The New Germanic Empire is formed.
  • The Neuemark is established as the currency of the New Germanic Empire.


  • The World Trade Organization is established.
  • Austria and Sweden join the EU.
  • Yahoo! is founded.
  • Oklahoma City bombing kills 168 people.
  • Serbia War
  • eBay is founded.
  • Israeli Prime Minister assassinated.


  • The unabomber is arrested.
  • Israel retaliates against Lebanese terrorist attacks.
  • First Chechnyan War in the Soviet Union.
  • Osama bin Laden declares jihad against the United States.
  • The Taliban take over Afghanistan.
  • The first electric car is produced.


  • Bill Clinton is elected President for a second term in the US.
  • Tony Blair becomes British Prime Minister.
  • The UK hands over control of Hong Kong to China.
  • British Princess Diana dies in a car accident.
  • The F22 Raptor makes it's first test flight.


  • US Lewinsky Scandal
  • Osama bin Laden declares jihad against all Jews.
  • Pakistan and India commense multiple nuclear tests.
  • The first RFID implant is tested in the UK.
  • Google is founded.
  • Hugo Chavez is elected President of Venezuela.


  • The Euro is established.
  • Kosovo War begins.
  • The Canadian province of Northwest Territories is divided, creating the province of Nunavut.
  • Columbine High School Massacre occurs in the US.
  • Cecilia Norsjov is elected as the first female and liberal State Minister of Skandinavia.
  • World population reaches six billion.
  • The Vietnamese Liberation Army invades Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Portugal returns Macao to China.