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  • The millennium passes without Y2K incident. This marks the beginning of the second millennium AD.


  • The September 11th terrorist attacks mark the beginning of the global War On Terror.
  • Afghanistan is invaded by a global force.


  • Uprisings and protests break out in the United States against government corruption. Calls for secession are frequent among protesters and rioters.


  • The 2003 Iraq War begins.
  • The Union of Everett is formed when fifteen states secede from the United States. In accordance to an agreement between the U.S. and the UN, the new nation is independent as of July 4th 2003.


  • Oregon and Washington secede from the United States. The two states join together to form the Republic of Cascadia.
  • Parts of British Columbia secede from Canada and join with Cascadia.
  • On Christmas Eve, a 9.3 earthquake strikes southeast Asia. A tsunami ensues, killing over 200,000, striking the nations along the Indian Ocean coastal regions.


  • Hurricane Katrina strikes the United States, the largest natural disaster in American history. The city of New Orleans is evacuated in it's entirety.
  • January - The Turkicstan Civil War begins, when TAP leader, Dmitry Ordulev declares the there is 'no longer a threat from USSR' to Turkmen.
  • June - The Turkicstan Civil War ends with the Treaty of Ashgabat, creating Turkmenistan and the start of Dmitry Ordulev's 'tryannical' rule.


  • As a result of the U.S. government's failure to aid those in Louisiana affected by Hurricane Katrina, the state of Louisiana becomes the final U.S. state to secede from the country and join Everett.


  • Iraqistan declares independence with the aid of the Union of Everett.
  • Everett and Iraqistan declare war on Iran and Syria in the Iraqistan War. Iran, Syria and Lebanese Hezbollah are defeated.
  • Allied States of America declares separation from the United States of America.