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Population: 1,500,000 (53% Gnome, 25% Halfling, 17% Dwarf, 3%Human, 2% Elf. There are also Faerie Dragons, but they are not counted in official population).

Native Species: Gnome, Faerie Dragon, Fairy.

Climate: Temperate/Rocky.

Political Status: Parliament.

Provinces: Ïngralö, Miorgä, Endÿs.

Capital: Ÿigheim.

Wildlife and Ecology[]

Apart from resident sentient races, Gäsfayögen is populated by massive amounts of racoons. In fact, around 60% of the Gäsfayögenian animal population is made up of racoons, mice, and rats. The rest is mostly insects and birds, and some wild dogs and wolves. All the animals can be found in Western Europe.

There are no very exotic plants on Gäsfayögen, though a rare plant known only as woodreed (due to its habit of growing near trees) grows only here. Again, most plants can be found in Europe.

Related Quotes[]

"Welcome to the Land of Invention" - On a welcome sign in the Gäsfayögen Tourism Centre.