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GOSV bomber

The GOSV War Eagle

The GOSV War Eagle is an experimental Franco-German military spacecraft designed with the purpose of giving the nation a reliable method of getting into space and using space as a medium to achieve its foreign policy goals.


While many of the spacecraft's capabilities are classified, it is known to use kinetic kill devices stored in a bomb-bay to perform orbital bombardment campaigns on enemy targets. As well, the propulsion system is a small nuclear reactor. This same device powers all of the ship's functions. Many other capabilities remain classified due to the overall secrecy of the project. Some reports claim that recoilless cannons are scattered about the craft for self-defense, along with beam weapons to destroy incoming missiles.

The GOSV also has the capability to fire hollow transport capsules out of its weapons tubes, each capsule being capable of containing one XOS-001 Hephaestus equipped soldier.

It also has a fission/fusion warhead capability, in case the need arises. One device is always carried on board.



  • KKP-01 Peregrine kinetic projectiles
  • 1 SBL Spaceborne Laser
  • Wallbreaker Space Pod (FGC), named in honor of the toppling of the Berlin Wall's collapse


  • recallibratable metamaterial shielding that can be recalibrated to bend different EM spectrums around it.
  • it is also nuclear capable if necessary.