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I feel that the most influential part of history is perhaps the abolishment of separatist governments, and the introduction of the GSA Act.

~ Canna Mortu on The GSA Act

The Galactic Systems Allaince is a government organization that currently holds all powers over the Milky Way galaxy. In an informal state, the Galactic Systems Alliance is a bastard organization that essentially forms alien and human governments together as a singular being. The government is aligned as such: there are separate governments on each planet, and each planet is given a senator. These senators are part of the Republic (who hold conference on the Converge). Higher above these are the Consults. They hold all executive powers, and are able to overrule most actions decreed by the Alliance Republic.


For years upon years, the various galactic communities only briefly traded and interacted with one another. An exception, of course, was the Trais and Iveato Alliance. But the galactic communities still only stood apart as individual sovereign governments. The Trais were highly aware that these governments being separate would lead to trouble, and they would fall easier if accidents were to happen to one another. However, other species, such as the Iveato saw too many alliances as weakness, relying on one another being a weakness.

Around the times of the Syrick Age for all species, species would flourish and spread much farther than their current systems. As many species encountered the Syrick Age, the galactic community thrived, and the Trais became weary of conflict and political unrest. Their ideas were dismissed by the Iveato, and the Trais decided to dismiss the idea themselves.

Eventually, around the time humanity was introduced into the galactic community, the Trais proposed the GSA Act. Humanity had become close to the Trais species at this time, and followed their idea for the Galactic Alliance.

War broke out between the Iveato, Trais, and Humanity. This was known as the Revolutionary Struggle, which lasted nearly five months. Afterwards, the Iveato decided to allow the GSA Act to go through.

A massive celebration was held on that week, a galactic wide party essentially. It became known as Unification Week.