Gahl officially the Kingdom of Gahl(Hauuama'o'Gohnia)sometimes called "The Gahland(s) (Kroén Gohi'hike'koäi), is the easternmost country in north Mist With an estimated

Flag of Gahl

The flag of Gahl,it represents the balance of Good and evil

60.3 million inhabitants,2.8 million still living in tribal regions,it is Mist's 3 largest country
,The name Gahl came from the legendary"Proto-Divine" or "Old magic tounge" language scroll,the meaning of which is unkown.It is East of Vintaisia and North of the Falklands Its capital city has been Gawoa since the Year 46 PMW(Primal magic world),In the world of Mist,it is now 530 NMW(New magical world)



Largest city



Shona (GAS)

Ethnic groups

82% Gahls 10% Rodans 4% Vints 4% Falks


60.3 Million


99.5 Billion USD

GDP Per capita (PPP)

30,500 USD

GDP Per capita (Nominal)

33,200 USD

Date founded

64 PMW(As the empire of Gahl)30 PMW(As the kingdom of Gahl)

Government type



Gahlish people

Technically,Galhish people are not humans,instead during the age of evolution,the creatures evolved much differently on Mist in general,Galhish people had the most access to the magic however,which is why it seems that there features are much different,despite this Galhsh people are just as intelligent as regular humans. 

Two Gahls,they're brother and sister and they have the average features for Gahls

Language main article

The Galhish langauge is a fairly complicated but not impossible for regular humans to learn,it has strong emphasis on Prefixes to change the style of the word for example Shomer its self simply means "loved ones" however when you add the Prefix Ru it now means aunt (Ru-Shomer) 
Gahlish lang

Fris speaking Gahlish (and horrible english)


Galhs are very proud,but kind people,they have very limited since of beauty,and judge each other by personality,as cliche as it may sound,

Religion-Mist basic,Triabl beliefs 

Language-Gahlish(See above)

Districts and major cities 

Gawoa district-Capital

Mätra district-District for Mätra,the largest city

New vint-Colonized by Vints/Vintaisians,also speaks Vintish(Vintish english-Gahlish blend)

Tänä-Home of Fris and Yane(See above)

Jarch-Known for having the largest desert in Mist,also largest tribal center

Sauto Chza-Mostly a giant nature preserve,with a fairly large tribal center

Lilé-The old Galhish empire(See below) started here,which is why it has a bad rep

Sauto Yuguka-Has the third largest city in Gahl,Krunka


In the year 15 PMW The Gahlish empire began to rise,taking over several pieaces of Mist as well as killing several Mistics(inclduing Gahls)in the process,eventually in 7 NMW the Gahlish restiance killed there dictator and began to "recover" Gahl and help the nations it destroyed


Gahl has a market based Economy,they export gold,monster skins and raw ore,it has the third strongest economy in Mist,only slightly weaker then the Falklands 


1 Shona=1.50 Vintaisian Berka's


PMW and NMW work like this

PMW 5-4-3-2-1-0-1-2-3-4-5 NMW

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