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Gahlex Motors Corporation
Type Statutory Corporation
Founded 24 March 2001
Owner State 71% , Husambi Bakaba 29%
Key People Usaa Sowambe
Headquarters Gahlex Komplex
Area served Antarctica
Production output 1,276,243
Industry Vehicle Industry
Products Automobiles,Trucks,Buses
Revenue Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 36.361 billion
Profit Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 51 million
Employees 71,846 (2006)

Gahlex is a Antar automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company founded in 2001. It also owns and produces the Gahlex MOto brand, and is famous like copis of BMW luxury cars.


1.Gahlex 1G

2.Gahlex 2G

3.Gahlex 3G

4.Gahlex 4G

5.Gahlex 5G