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Gaius Randgriz
Gaius Randgriz
Presidential Portrait of Gaius Randgriz
1st President of Ivalice
In office
Vice President Marche Randall IV
Succeeded by Marche Randall IV
1st President of the Provisional Unification Government
In office
Vice President David Livingston
41st President of the Gallian Republic
Vice President David Livingston
Personal details
BornJune 3, 1564
Gardenia, Gallia
DiedFebruary 21st, 1635
Randgriz City, Gallia
Political partyNone
Spouse(s)Julia Randgriz
ReligionRoman Catholic

Gaius Faren Randgriz (June 3, 1564 — February 21st, 1635) was an Ivalician politician and the first President of Ivalice (1619–1627). He is one of the two chief signatories of the Randgriz-Randall Treaty of 1612, between the Kingdom of Ivalice and the Gallian Republic, forming the Republic of Ivalice, the other signatory being his future vice president, Marche Randall IV.

Before the unified Republic was formed, he was the 41st President of the Gallian Republic. After peace was declared, the process of creating a new government began, and he was named leader of the provisional government. He was later elected to the new office of President of Ivalice in the first national elections in 1618.

New title President of the Republic of Ivalice
1619 – 1627
Succeeded by
Marche Randall IV
New title President of the Provisional Government of Ivalice
1612 – 1619
Office abolished

Preceded by
Arnold Jones

President of the Gallian Republic
Office abolished
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