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is the first of twelve elements in Ganagu. Being the element of fire, heat, and flames, it is the element of passion, power, and great willpower in dire circumstances. However, it also doubles as the element of radical change (often to the point of destruction) and defiance. Its primary color is orange, and its secondary color is cinnabar.

Fire element

The Symbol of the Fire Element

The Fire God[]

The Fire God Ghaofu/Gabjure rules over his element passionately, and has thus been given the title "Jealous Guardian of the Hearth". Many describe his human form as a virile young man in his early teens (twenties in Earth terms) with flame-red hair and well-defined musculature.

Fire Magick[]

Fire Magick is perhaps one of the more controversial subjects on Ganagu. Though many only use it for mundane tasks like cooking and candle-lighting, there have been problems lately with arsonists and other pyromaniacs.

The Month of the Fire Dragon[]

The first month of the Ganagu solar year, Ghaof___, is also the first month of spring. In this month, the trees that had suffered the cold of winter shake off their snow-burdened worries and sprout flowers wild and colorful.