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is the third of twelve elements in Ganagu. It is the element of mental prowess and wit. Positively, it acts as the mediator that controls passion through reason. Negatively, it can cheat, steal, and otherwise use cunning to make life miserable. Its primary color is turquoise, while its secondary color is jade green.

Wind element

The Symbol of the Wind Element

The Wind Goddess[]

The Wind Goddess, known as Zhetea/Zadu, has dominion over the air and gentle winds, as opposed to the more violent and cyclical storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, that her sister, the Goddess of Weather, brings. Of the twelve gods and goddesses, she is considered far more witty and intelligent than beautiful; her human body is rotund and short, her hair is jet black, and she often wears clear quartz lenses upon her eyes, much like anyone would modern eyeglasses. Yet she is capable of flight, and can zoom through the winds like a bullet.

Wind Magick[]

The Month of the Wind Sparrow[]