Ganermar is a world with technolgy that dates before the widespread use of cannon, when fuedal systems thrived. Humans have conquered the lesser races (Ogres, Saytrs, Centaurs, Gnolls, Harpies, Sphinxes and Trolls), and have build castles on thier former lands. The world is flat, and it has many cases of folk falling off The Edge. Humans fear other races. They have conquered the rebelious Lesser Races, made slaves of the Drow Elves, are raided by Orcs, murdered by Were-Wolves, plundered by Giant-kin, and suduced by Sirens.

The Age of Creation

The Age of Creation began when the Gods came down from the sky and began creating the world. They worked hard, and soon the the world took it's shape. Phisya, the Goddess of Fertilty, planted the first plants. Soon she brought rain, and the seas came. Her sister, Cartye, the Goddess of Nature, made the animals. They spread out across the world. then Cartye created the races. Soon, they made thousands and raised the animals and plants. Vargte, God of mining and stonecraft, showed them his skills to learn, and soon the Dwarves had build thier great holds. All the races lived in harmony with each other,and great empires forged.

The Age of Chaos

The fall of peace came when the God, Hadgard, was dishonered. He murdered his sisters, Phisya and Cartye, and ate them. He rose demons to