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+Progreşen station
Station Code GPRG
West Coast
Platforms 12
Platform Layout 6 terminal islands
Avg. Departures per Hour 9-10 (off peak)
Annual Passenger Usage 4.810 million (2006-07)
5.102 million (2007-08)
Year Opened 1960

Garashul Progreşen (lit. "Progression" station) is an important railway station in central Garashul in western Atavya. It is one of the five main train stations serving the city centre, serving suburban and long-distance services to northern cities.


The station, along with the rest of the line on which it is situated was constructed in 1960, predominantly to provide Garashul with a direct rail service to the new city of Tuvärd, and the older city of Tulep. In 1980 the station was given a direct service to Deneț, which is 20 minutes faster than the direct service to that city from the nearby Teletonik station. The station was torn town and rebuilt in 2000.

Service Pattern[]

The off-peak services are:

  • 2 trains per hour to Tulep via Deneț (stopping)
  • 2 trains per hour to Deneț (fast)
  • 2 trains per hour to Undelq (stopping)
  • 2 trains per hour to Galațel Krojsor (semi-fast)
  • 1 train per 2 hours to Ky
  • 1 train per hour to Geleq via Deneț

Principal Destinations[]

Progreşen station is the principal Garashul station for services to cities to the north of Garashul, such as Tuvärd, Telep, Deneț, Galațel Krojsor and Ky.