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—  City-County  —
City-County of Gardenia
Nickname(s): Heart of the Mountains
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Map of Ivalice.png
Location of Koiwai in Ivalice
Country Ivalice
State Gallia
Incorporation 1842
Named for Gardenia (flower)
City Hall Gardenia City Hall
 - Mayor John Dorn
 - City Council Chair Michael Wildon
 - Total 823.7 km2 (318 sq mi)
 - Land 812.1 km2 (313.5 sq mi)
 - Water 11.6 km2 (4.5 sq mi)
Elevation 277 m (910 ft)
Population (2008)
 - Total 989,500
 - Density 1,201.3/km2 (3,111.6/sq mi)
 - Est. (Q4 2010) 1,002,127
 - Demonym Gardenian
Time zone Atlantic Standard Time (UTC-4)
 - Summer (DST) Atlantic Daylight Time (UTC-3)
ME Code GA972-FD989
Area Code 629

Gardenia is the second largest city in the Commonwealth of Gallia. With an estimated population of over one million inhabitants, it is the largest city in Ivalice's Ordero Region, and the fifth-largest city in the nation. At the eastern end of the Macfarland Pass, Gardenia was a critical resupply town on the primary trail to the Forriedor frontier in the 18th and 19th centuries. In modern times, it retains its status as the primary crossing point of north-south and east-west land travel in Ivalice, and the busiest crossing area of the Ordero Mountains, with Glenda O. Davis Regional Airport being the second busiest airport in flight movements behind Londinium Skorcolum International Airport, due to its use as IMPS' primary freight hub.


Gardenia has its roots in Fort Huntington, a military outpost dating to the turn of the 19th century guarding the trade route through Macfarland Pass, ensuring supplies reached settlements to the west of the mountains. Gardenia's site near the center of the island solidified its early place as vital to travel across the Ordero range. The first trans-island railway, the Gallia Midlands Railway, linking Europa Beach with Londinium, was completed through Gardenia in 1858.

With the completion of the trans-island railway, Gardenia became a manufacturing hub, halfway between the agricultural centers along the Aerelon River to the northwest, to the highly populated urban centers to the southeast. The resulting jobs brought migrants from throughout the mountain region, increasing the town's population to over 13,000 by 1860.


Gardenia is located in far northwestern Gallia, near the Dorvaulder River border with Califia, approximately 35 miles to the north. A branch of the East Dorvaulder River, the Gardenia River, flows through the center of the city. The Ordero Mountains, separating Gallia from Forriedor, are located approximately 26 miles to the west.


Gardenia has over 60 independently defined neighborhoods. The Downtown district, constantly the site of commercial and residential development, is located just northwest of the intersection of National Routes 1 and 5. Independence Boulevard, the city's primary arterial roadway, runs northwest to southeast across the city, through downtown. There are over 750 parks in the city, the most in any city in the country.

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