The Geidu Shinsusen is the Shinsusen line linking Konggei and Hondu is Surea's busiest and the world's second busiest high-speed rail line. It opened on 8th July 1990, connecting both Special cities in time for the National Sports Festival of Surea held in Hondu. The Geidu Shinsusen forms the midsection of the planned Honzuido Shinsusen line which links all metropolitan cities, from the northeastern Jokong to the southwestern Shidu.

At the time it was built this was one of the world's largest privately funded rail construction schemes.

Services began on July 9, 1990, using trains with a top speed of 300 km/h, which offer journey times as short as 65 minutes. In comparison, trains operating on the conventional Line of the SR Transits, take about three and a half hour for the same journey. Tickets are more expensive than on normal trains or express buses, but cheaper than those for airplanes. Most intermediate stations on the line lie outside the cities served, with rapid transit connections constructed only after the opening of the line. Once the line began operations, almost all passengers switched from airlines flying parallel routes, while road traffic was also impacted.


Original 4 stations were built along the Geidu Shinsusen line, from Konggei to Hondu:

While 2 more stations are currently under construction:

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