The Georgeland Football Association Cup, informally known as the Georgeland Cup, is the main soccer knockout tournament in Georgeland, played between all teams in the national competition with league status. The tournament is played in a series of stages culminating in a Cup Final, usually held in June. The cup has no qualifiying stage and all league teams are eligible. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 2020 cup final was held on September 19. 

As there are a total of 40 teams, at some stages of the event a loss does not necessarily mean knockout - best-placed losers can advance to the third stage. Santa Christina United won the tournament in 2017 following a stage-two loss, and Lylecity FC were runners-up the following year despite a defeat in the second round. 

Every year the Cup champion and the top-ranked team in the Primary Division play the Champion of Champions Cup. On rare occasions, most recently in 2013, the Cup champion was also the League champion, winning the Champion of Champions Cup by default.

The current Cup holders are Zigit City, who won their first Cup final against Bonneville FC. Zigit, who ranked tenth of twelve on the Primary Division ladder, are the lowest-ranked team ever to win. 

The first Cup was played during the 1968-69 season. Santa Christina United have won the cup seventeen times, more than any other team, and have played in 25 cup finals, again more than any other team. During its Golden Age (1997-2007) the team won the Cup three consecutive times (in 1999, 2000 and 2001), one of only two teams (the other being Emilypolis FC) to do so. 


Year Winner Runner-up Score Notes
1969 Doubledance FC Huzzah Rangers 2-1
1970 Weston FC Sergiocitta United 2-0
1971 Emilypolis FC Aliceport FC 1-0
1972 Weston FC Hatton College 3-1
1973 Topstad City University of Mainland 3-2
1974 New Kikipolis FC Dockford Rocks 3-1 After extra time
1975 Huzzah Rangers Northern Celtic 3-0
1976 Maryborough Town Usk City 2-0
1977 Royston United Topstad City 2-0
1978 Santa Christina United Weston FC 2-1
1979 Weston FC Lylecity FC 3-0
1980 Doubledance FC Stratton Celtic 2-1


Huzzah United Zigit City 2-1
1982 Romphumburg City Zigit City 1-0 After extra time
1983 Belfast United Boston Keys FC 2-1
1984 Harrogate FC Emilypolis FC 4-1
1985 Chipwich FC Huzzah United 2-0
1986 Chipwich FC Doubledance FC 3-0
1987 Doubledance City Namby FC 2-1
1988 Topstad Tigers Harrogate FC 3-1
1989 Stratton Celtic Belfast United 3-2
1990 Georgetown United Santa Christina United 4-2
1991 Emilypolis FC Lylecity FC 3-3 Decided on penalties
1992 Doubledance City Emilypolis FC 1-0
1993 Stratton Celtic Enfield City 2-1
1994 Weston FC Doubledance City 3-1
1995 Hatton Town Usk City 5-1
1996 Doubledance FC Doubledance City 3-1
1997 Aliceport FC Santa Christina United 3-0
1998 Huzzah United Cheltenham FC 2-0
1999 Santa Christina United Chipwich FC 2-0 After extra time
2000 Santa Christina United Huzzah United 3-1
2001 Santa Christina United Hatton Town  4-2
2002 Weston FC Chipwich FC 2-0
2003 Santa Christina United Topstad Tigers 2-1
2004 Weston FC Santa Christina United 3-1
2005 Santa Christina United Birmingham FC 4-0
2006 Santa Christina United Lylecity FC 3-1
2007 Georgetown United Santa Christina United 5-1
2008 Lylecity FC Emilypolis FC 4-3
2009 Cheltenham FC Santa Christina United 1-0
2010 Sergiocitta FC Lylecity FC 1-1 Decided on penalties
2011 Cheltenham FC Santa Christina United 2-0
2012 Doubledance FC Birmingham FC 4-3
2013 Santa Christina FC Doubledance FC 3-2
2014 Georgetown United Santa Christina United 1-0
2015 Chipwich FC Dannyburg FC 3-2
2016 Lylecity FC Santa Christina United 4-3 After extra time
2017 Doubledance FC Emilypolis FC 3-1
2018 Santa Christina United University of Santa Christina 2-0
2019 Dannyburg FC Weston FC 4-2
2020 Zigit FC Bonneville FC 4-1
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