Germanic War
Current Battle Map
Date June 4, 2011 - Present
Location Europe
New Germanic Empire Flag New Germanic Empire

KoS Flag Kingdom of Sparta

Flag of Germany German Republic
Commanders and leaders
New Germanic Empire Flag Lukas Hoffmann
New Germanic Empire Flag Otto Hartmann
KoS Flag Leonidas IV
KoS Flag Agis V
Flag of Germany Albert von Stauffenberg
New Germanic Empire Flag Imperial Defence Force 1,730,000

KoS Flag Spartan Armed Forces 500,000

Flag of Germany German Armed Forces
Casualties and losses
New Germanic Empire Flag TBD

KoS Flag TBD

Flag of Germany TBD


Course of the War

June 6th


6th of June War borders

The German fortifications begin to break, and Germanic forces being to take control of key spots in the German-Germanic borders as well with key cities. German citizen's flee to northern Germany and Poland, resitance in Southern Germany and Southern Poland are little and territorial gains at the end of the night are monstrous. However the northern tip of Czechoslovakia is lost in the brunt of a heavy German assualt along with a small portion of the south of the Czechoslovakian province due to poor mobilization.


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