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The "Global Party" is a political group for the planet Cortolowe, started in 1421 by Norman Juri Celluro. Unlike traditional political parties in Cortolowe, Global Party changed the face of voting and reshaped the political system. It was the first political party that attempted to target the entire planet to unite its people. After the Global Party was elected as the head government, Norman used his powers as shredient to change the voting system allowing all regions (regardless of their wealth) to vote for the lead government. At the time this was viewed as extremely radical, however other political parties soon came to approve of the idea, immediately putting it into action. Norman and The Global party were praised for their innovative and fair decisions, and eventually their voting system policy was what made them so popular amongst the people.  


Events of interest for the group.

1421 -  Global Party is formed by Norman Juri Celluro.

1426 -  Global Party becomes lead government.

1427 -  Vice shredient Patricia Juri Celluro dies of illness.

1429 -  Ray Qall is found dead after turning on the party and subsequently quitting from his political position. Probable suicide.

1431 -  Norman and Global Party praised for preventing "serious economy crash".

1432 -  Ublla Heath, Norman Jeri Celluro, Wyatt Hunter, and Melol Urner are tragically killed in the great earthquakes of 1432 during trip to Wenmoru

1433 -  New island named after Celluro family to pay respect for the shredients death. Marcus Opel Thyne takes over Global Party. Donne L. Thar quits after fearing for his life  following rumors that Global Party is cursed.

1435 - Global Party no longer leading government, loses election

1436 -  Judy Trill takes over Global Party


A list of known politicians and how many years they were part of the group.

  • Norman Juri Celluro (1421 - 1432)
  • Patricia Juri Celluro (1421 - 1427)
  • Melol Urner (1425 - 1432)
  • Wyatt Hunter (1421 - 1432)
  • Donne L. Thar (1426 - 1433)
  • Ublla Heath (1422 - 1432)
  • Ray Qall (1422 - 1429)
  • Marcus Opel Thyne (1423 - 1444)
  • Judy Trill (1435 - 1450)
  • Umlo T. Wicket (1432 - 1439)
  • Breon A. Lethany (1434 - 1441)