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Global Treaty Headquarters
GTO Headquarters
Global Treaty Headquarters in Ivalion, viewed from International Plaza
Location Ivalion, Califia, Ivalice
Address Between Avery and James Streets, Terraplén and the Ivalion Harbor, opposite Centre Street
Owner Global Treaty Organization
Started 1968
Completed 1970
Height 210 ft
Floor count 16

The Global Treaty Headquarters is a diplomatic complex in Ivalion, Ivalice, that has served as the official headquarters of the Global Treaty Organization since its completion in 1970. It is located in the International Plaza section of the Ivalion Peninsula, on grounds overlooking the Ivalion Harbor.

Despite its location in Ivalion, the land occupied by the Headquarters complex is considered international territory, and its borders are Terraplén on the west, James Street to the south, Avery Street on the north and the Ivalion Harbor to the east. Crimes committed on the grounds of the complex full under the judicial jurisdiction of the High Court of Ivalice.