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Organisation de le Traité Mondial (French)
???? (Leubantian)
Aoganizamou Mrudeno Libres: 澳加逆之贸易之里由 (Ojam)
Organización del Tratado Global (Spanish)
全球公約組織 (Surean)

Global Treaty Organization
Flag of the GTO

Emblem of the GTO

Flag Emblem
Headquarters International territory in Ivalion, Ivalice
Official languages English, French, Leubantian, Spanish, Surean, Ojam
Membership 5 member states
 - President 
Hewes Patrick
 - Global Treaty 

19 January 1968

The Global Treaty Organization (GTO) or simply Global Treaty (GT) is an international organization created to facilitate economic development, social progress and international security, among others, between member states.

There are currently 5 member states, on three continents. There are six official organization languages: English, French, Leubantian, Lxung, Spanish, and Surean.


The signatories of the Global Treaty

The Global Treaty Organization was founded as an alternative diplomatic channel to the United Nations for countries who felt underrepresented in the global assembly. The original two member states, Heigard and Ivalice, met at a series of conferences in 1967 to formulate a multilateral agreement for a new, smaller diplomatic group to cater to the needs of underrepresented nations. Those two nations signed the Global Treaty on January 19, 1968, chartering the GTO. Since its founding, three states, Surea, Lxungion, and Leubantia have joined.

Paiz Administration

Wellington Administration

Mathieu Administration

Tsuku Administration

Lutz Administration

Lxong Administration

Oliver Administration

Samaju Administration

???? Administration

Little Administration

Ngũ Administration

Abney Administration

Gaenaga Administration

???? Administration

Patrick Administration


The presidency of the GTO revolves through the member states, changing every three years.

President Member state Years of Term
Reginald Paiz Flag of Heigard.pngHeigard 1968-1971
Michael Wellington Flag of Ivalice.pngIvalice 1971-1974
Bertrand Mathieu Flag of Heigard.pngHeigard 1974-1977
Maruzuki Tsuku (柴 正芳) New Flag of Surea.pngSurea 1977-1980
Darren Lutz Flag of Ivalice.pngIvalice 1980-1983
Lxong Lxicartẽ Flag of Lxungion.svgLxungion 1983-1986
Gérard Olivier Flag of Heigard.pngHeigard 1986-1989
Michiko Samaju (一郎 小松) New Flag of Surea.pngSurea 1989-1992
Richerd Emilsen Flag of Leubantia.pngLeubantia 1992-1995
Malcolm Little Flag of Ivalice.pngIvalice 1995-1998
Ngũ Khlarxa Flag of Lxungion.svg Lxungion 1998-2001
Santiago Abney Flag of Heigard.pngHeigard 2001-2004
Uchiko Gaenaga (前田 五郎) New Flag of Surea.pngSurea 2004-2007
Viktor Nuyversen Flag of Leubantia.pngLeubantia 2007-2010
Hewes Patrick Flag of Ivalice.pngIvalice 2010-present
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