Global Trust Unlimited is one of the three factions ruling the government of the Terra Federation. Global Trust Unlimited is the world's largest supplier of energy, paramilitary, defense, and infrastructural development, and Global Trust's goal is to protect the corporations with common interests. Global Trust Unlimited has been labeled as the Tycoons, when compared to the Eden Initiative's Ecos. Global Trust is currently one of the two minor factions of the Terra Federation's world government, with President of Terra being held by the Scientific Association for the Advancement of Terra.


Global Trust was founded by Sarah Banecroft in the human settlement of New Dubai. The corporations that had survived the Great Flood of 2070 in the city moved to the newly fertile capital and joined the corporation. Global Trust Unlimited was officially founded in 2073, when the corporation first entered the political scene. Global Trust Unlimited then expanded its operations from Arabia Island to the Texan Archipelago, where even more corporations joined. Global Trust Unlimited began expanding rapidly across the globe in areas of former oil exploitation. Global Trust funded the SAAT to develop a source of fuel named Organic Petroleum, in which the company began producing at a rapid pace. With this rapid production came a huge rise in profit, Global Trust then had becoming a leading faction of the surviving world by 2078. Fearing that Global Trust might take over the world, the Eden Initiative was founded in 2079, in which put great effort to resettlement using ecological methods. Eden funded terrorist cells to undermine the progress of Global Trust, and with the help of the neutral SAAT, Eden got its hands on an arsenal of non-nuclear weapons of mass destruction, which led to the Eden Global Crisis. The views of the three separate factions fueled massive protests, and global economic production reached a halt. Eden and Global Trust soon went to war with each other in the Invasion of Na Island. Eden had invaded one of the three primary regions of Global Trust, and Global Trust soon launched an invasion of their own into Europe. While the Invasion of Nova Europa had been a success, Global Trust redacted its decision and soon withdrew its forces. Global Trust then sent delegates to New Londinium, and negotiated with Eden the Treaty of Terra. In this treaty, the Terra Federation was established between the two and the war ended between Eden and Global Trust. Global Trust then rebuilt its facilities at Na Island, and life slowly returned to its "originality". Recently, Global Trust has been looking to expand its domestic progression, and the current and latest CEO of Global Trust is Martin Banecroft.





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