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Station statistics
Address Grand Circle, north of Tranh Chup-yar Boulevard, Tranh Chup-yar City
Hope Line
Unity Line
Other information
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access

Preceding station   Trạnh Chụ̂̀p-yạ́r Gệng̣ Ðẹ́ụ́ạ́m Xàch   Following station
Unity Line
toward Momentum
toward Superiority
Hope Line
Growing in Peace
toward Liberation

Glory is a station of the Tranh Chup-yar City Metro on the Unity and Hope lines. Going east, the two lines diverge, the Hope Line continuing along Grand Circle to Liberation station and the Unity line traveling east towards the palace.

Nearby Landmarks[]

  • Grand Circle
  • Qoi Doi Multipurpose Building