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The God-Deniers are a faction-ridden group who share in common the denial of all gods save one. The refer to themselves as the Followers of the Way. They are the only major monotheistic faith on the planet Koneth. Their religion began in the year 145 BF. Once the religion had taken control of a small group of tribes in the Southern Continent, they exploded outwards, seeking to convert the world to their religion. To that aim, they founded a great empire, which fell lasted until approximately 203 FE, when it was torn apart by theological dispute. The God-Deniers today tend to spend more time fighting each other over miniscule differences of belief than they do fighting other peoples.

Religion of the God-Deniers[]

Though there are many differences of opinion on fine details, all sects of God-Deniers share a number of common beliefs

  • There is only one god, who is called simply the God
  • The prophet He-Sees-Truth was the beloved of the God. He was taken directly to the Cave of the God
  • Those who lead a holy and righteous life will enter the Cave of the God, located underneath the ground. Those who lead an unrighteous life will be cast into the Outer Darkness, a realm of eternal darkness

Sectarian Disputes[]

Many sects disagree on who the proper leader of the faith is. In some cases, this is the prime difference. But many have genuine theological dipustes as well

  • Fate of the Unrighteous
    • Most sects subscribe to the orthodox view that there is no hope for them, they are cast into the Outer Darkness for an eternity of suffering
    • Reincarnationists believe that the unrighteous, if they are not too evil, will be reincarnated for another chance, and will continue being reincarnated until they are saved, or until they have become unreedemably evil.
      • The Reincarnationists themselves are torn by disagreements on how evil one has to be to have no hope, or even if that's possible.
    • Extinctionists believe that the unrighteous perish, cease to exist, with no suffering, or only temporary suffering
  • Spirits and Lesser Powers
    • Some groups believe in the existence of spirits and Lesser Powers who serve the God, and can mediate between mortals and the God. Others believe that these spirits and Lesser Powers are false demons, a form of polytheistic heresy