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Launched: September 15, 1997
Created By: Sergey M. Brin
Lawrence E. Page
Purpose: Search engine, online map, news source, online library, blog, finance center, document repository, email service.

Google is one of the largest domains on The Net. It is headquarters of the massive company Google in The Net and the home domain of millions.


The Google Headquarters[]

Google is the Net based headquarters of the company "Google". The headquarters is a complex made up of a 3 large buildings around 11 stories each, accompanied with separate smaller buildings. All online tools by Google are created in the headquarters, including the Google Toolbar and others.

Google Labs[]

The technology from Google are developed in Google Labs, a part of the Google Headquarters Complex. Tools like the Google Toolbar (allowing bearers of the gadget to get to other domains without going to Teleportation Stations) and Google Domain Creator (easy domain creation tool) are developed, created, and improved in this large 11 story building.

Google Security[]

Google Security secures the domain and protects it from rogue subcultures. The security of the domain was improved vastly in order to counter the effects of the Great Flame War.

Google Command[]

The leadership and core of the domain is located at Google Command, which acts as a central government building for Google. It houses the main administration of the domain and the public relations center.

The Search Engine[]

The Google Search Engine is one of the most powerful search engines on the Net, and also the most widely used.

Monorail System[]

Google contains a monorail that circles around the domain, and can transport netizens quickly to destinations.

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