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Flag of the region of Elliön

The government of Elliön is the governmental structure of the region of Elliön in Norpradia as established by the Elliönian and Norpradian constitutions. It is composed of three branches: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial. Local government is also a part of the government of Elliön; it consists counties, districts, municipalities and cities. Inside the legislative branch, the region is also divided between two houses: Upper House (Senate of Elliön), and the Lower House (House of Representatives of Elliön).


The three branches of the Government of Elliön are:


The executive branch consists of the Governor of Elliön and the other constitutionally elected and appointed officers and offices.


The legislative branch consists of the Elliönian Legislature.


The judicial branch consists of the Supreme Court of Elliön and all lower courts.

Upper House

The Upper House consists of the Senate of Elliön. After 40.000 people, a new seat is added into the senate. Nowadays it has 21 seats. It is composed by all the counties of Elliön. The counties have seats according to their percentage of the total population in the region (for example, Elliön-Holiabourgh has 36,39% of the total Elliönian population, so it has 36,39% of the seats).

Lower House

The Lower House consists of the House of Representatives of Elliön. After 25.000 people, a new seat is added into the senate. Nowadays it has 34 seats. A party receive a seat due to the percentage of votes that it won in the first round of the gubernatorial election (for example, Northern League won 66,91% of the votes, so it also won 66,91% of the seats).

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