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The Government of Panau is a Unitary Presidential Republic, with Pandak Panay as the president and Muhammed Yatim as the second in command as the Minister of State.

Seal of Panau

The Emblem of the Government, and the President of Panau.

The Vice President, Chan Sek Nathan, acts more as a Chief of Staff to the cabinet, as the position is mostly ceremonial. The Vice President, however,has more say than most other government officials, with the exception of the Minister of State, and the President.



1. President

2. Vice President

  • Chan Sek Nathan

3. Speaker of President

  • Bachtiar Saleh

4. Chief Justice

  • Danyal Mail

5. Minister of State

6. Minister of Defense

  • Ismail Hameem

7. Minister of Finance

  • Lawrence Veera

8. Minister of Development

  • Long Noori

9. Minister of Education

  • Rashid Hassan

10. Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Saiful Azoor

11. Minister of Internal Affairs

  • Zahrin Casseer

12. Minister of Transportation

  • Biza Owen

13. Minister of Culture

  • Abdul Rahman

14. Minister of Health

  • Loo Won Fui

15. Minister of Trade

  • Ismail Omar

16. Minister of Agriculture

  • Chaerul Tunko

17. Minister of Energy

  • Salmah Dollah

18. Minister of Industry

  • Johan Yeo

19. Minister of Labour

  • Tuko Isnin

20. Minister of Sports

  • Awang Deris

21. Minister of Environment

  • Hanna Damia

22. Minister of Interior

  • Darwish Dawani

23. Minister of Employment

  • Romel Naivalurua

24. Minister of Information

  • Ahmad Ismaryanto

25. Minister of Tourism

  • Usop Yeop

26. Minister of Religion

  • Aziz Syakil


These lists are incomplete, and may be overruled by the acting president.

Justice Laws[]

  • When a criminal is caught assaulting/raping/killing (anything in that sense), the court may decide the punishment (killing no less than death).
  • Any criminal evading a Panau Police Force (PPF),they will be paralyzed.
  • Prostitution is legal, unless decided otherwise by a governor. (note: during ramadan month, all place of prostitution must be closed)
  • Racism is illegal. If someone is caught doing racist things, the court may decide the punishment.
  • If a PPF vehicle signals you to stop, you have to stop, or will be arrested.
  • Any foreigner caught doing criminal things will automatically deported soon as possible.
  • Criminals will be shot if evading a PPF, and the court may still decide the punishment.
  • Anyone who seems to intend to do harm or damage, will be dealt with force.

Standard Laws[]

  • 22+ age may consume alcohol but they must have Citizen Identification Card.
    • Drunk in public will be seen as disturbing the peace, and will result in a fine.
  • Internet is legal, but only with a mandatory government patch, which all personal computers receive when entering Panau.
  • You may have to drive safety, if there is an accident, your license will be revoked. If anyone else was injured/killed, the court may decide your punishment.
  • You are allowed to have any weapon if you have gun license (with the exception of WMD's) , however, if used to cause harm, the court will decide your punishment. Using it to kill will result in the death-penalty.
  • If someone is caught bringing drugs into panau, they will be jailed and will result in death penalty
  • Foreigner may not vote in president election on Panauan soil.

Rights Laws[]

It is contained in Panau Constitution 1957 Chapter 29, the following are some of the contents :

  • Panau people have the right to life. (article 1)
  • Panau people have the right to equality. (article 2)
  • Panau people have the right to speech. (article 3)
  • Panau people have the right to be organized. (article 4)
  • Panau people have the right to prospered. (article 5)
  • Same sex marriage is illegal. (article 29)
  • Transsexual surgery is prohibited. (article 33)
  • Abortion is illegal. (article 37)
  • Religious conversion from muslim to non muslim is prohibited. (article 10)
  • Religious apostasy is prohibited. (article 11)

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