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The Government of the Spanish Islands is a constitutional monarchy and also the central government in the Kingdom of the Spanish Islands. It governs over all five islands which are part of the country. The seat of the government is in the capital city, Ciudad Costera. The current king of the Spanish Islands is Arturo Estranda.

Spanish Islands Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of the Spanish Islands.

Government Officials[]

  • King: Arturo Estranda
  • Prime-Minister: Curro MartÍ
  • Minister of Public Safety: Augusto Vargas
  • Minister of Military Works: Ignacio Garza
  • Minister of Health: Gabino Vasquez
  • Minister of Public Affairs: Herberto Ruiz
    • Head of Transportation: Felipe Morales
    • Head of Labour: Estela Santiago
    • Head of Agriculture: Eloy Soto
    • Head of Education: Noelia Romero
    • Head of Development: Paula Vargas
  • Minister of Finance: Marta Garcia
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs: Santos Medina
    • Head of Tourism: Pepito Gomez
  • Director of Governmental Affairs: Yago Mendoza


  • National Transportation Safety Council (NTSCSI)
  • Food Association (FASI)
  • Doomsday Control (DC)
  • Cyber Security Department (CSD)
  • Drug Association (DASI)
  • Internal Affairs Investigation (IAI)
  • Environmental Control Agency (ECA)
  • Touring and Foreigner Bureau (TFBSI)
  • Central Space and Technology Department (CSTD)

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