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The Governor-General of Georgeland was the effective head of stateof Georgeland between 1891 and 1929. Though Georgeland was, in this period, part of the British Empire with the Sovereign as head of state, the Governor-General was the official viceregal representative of the Crown and performed all the functions of head of state.

The position was created in 1891 as part of the new Constitution of Georgeland which invested the Governor-General with executive authority, exercised through the elected government. The Governor-General also acted, albeit unofficially, as a representative of the British government.

Five men served as Governor-General. All of them were members of the British aristocracy - three were peers and two were knights.

In 1929, the position was formally abolished when Georgeland became a republic. The bulk of the powers vested in the Governor-General were transferred to the new office of President of Georgeland.

Governors-General were nominally appointed for five-year terms. However, in practice the term of office tended to be less formal - only one Governor-General left office due to the expiry of his term; the others all died or resigned from office, in some cases midway through another term.

List of Governors-General of Georgeland[]

#Term startTerm endPeriodTitleMonarch
1 1 July 1891 18 July 1896 5 years, 17 days The Rt. Hon. John Witherspoon, 11th Earl of Athlone KT GMCG GCVO PC Victoria
2 18 July 1896 10 May 1904 7 years, 9 months, 22 days The Rt. Hon. Robert Carrington Dugganhope, 6th Viscount Dugganhope GMCG PC Victoria
Edward VII
3 10 May 1904 8 January 1910 5 years, 7 months, 21 days The Rt. Hon. Sir Winston Carmichael KCMG PC Edward VII
4 8 January 1910 19 August 1920 10 years, 6 months, 11 days The Rt. Hon. Richard Samuel Rhys Grimm, 1st Baron Grimm KCMG DSO PC JP Edward VII
George V
5 19 August 1920 1 July 1929 8 years, 11 months, 12 days The Rt. Hon. Maj. Gen Sir Arthur Massey KCMG DSO VC PC George V