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The Governor of Delmago Island is the titular head of the Delmago Island state government. The Governor is chosen by the state legislature, and confirmed by a majority vote. By convention, the Chief Minister and Leader of the Opposition agree on a candidate. The Governor serves a five-year term; it can be renewed as often as the government chooses.
There is no law preventing the Governor being a member of a political party; however, no Governor has and it would be a break with convention to appoint such a partisan figure as Governor.

List of Governors of Delmago Island[]

Lieutenant Governors 1933-1958[]

Lieutenant Governors were appointed by the Governor of Mainland to represent him on the island.

No. Name Assumed office Left office
1Thomas Delahunty 19331940
2Allan Johnson 19401944
3Richard Exeter 19441951
4James Byron 19511958

Governors 1958-[]

No. Name Assumed office Left office
1Maurice Lewis 19581963
2Hunter Grant 19631973
3Joseph Rothschild 19731978
4John Baldwin 19781982
5Paul Rose 19821988
6Susan Wilkes 19881993
7Patrick Harker 19931998
8Michael Walker 19982008
9Malika Chadhar 20082017
10Narelle Steiner 20172019
-Michael Walker 2019Incumbent