The Governor of East Mainland is the titular chief executive of the Georgeland state of that name. The office has existed only since 2000, when the state of Mainland was divided into East and West. The Governor of East Mainland is directly elected for a four-year term. When a vacancy occurs, a new election is held within one year, which resets the election cycle. John Monmouth is the only Governor to have been elected more than once,  though Charlotte Lang served three and a half terms as Governor of Mainland in the 1990s and early 2000s. The Governor has very little political power, and the position is mostly ceremonial. The Governor formally dissolves the state legislature and appoints the Chief Minister of East Mainland, as well as the state ministers. The Governor is usually patron of a number of organisations, notably the Returned Serviceman's League's state branch.

List of Governors of East Mainland

The following is a list of the individuals who have served as Governor. 

No. Name Born-died Term
1 Charlotte Lang 1950- 2000-2004
2 Harold McClellan 1937-2006 2004-2006
3 Hugh St. Clair 1938- 2006-2010
4 Adam Moloney 1966- 2010-2014
5 John Monmouth 1956- 2014-2019
6 Iain Burke 1958- 2019-2020
7 Linda Nguyen 1975- 2021-
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