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The Governor of Long Island is the titular head of the Long Island state government. The Governor is directly elected by the population of the state and serves a four-year term under normal circumstances; however, if the state legislature is dissolved early, the Governor must face an election as well. There are no term limits.
While the Governor is directly elected, it is against the law for a Governor to represent an established political party or to stand as a partisan candidate.

List of Governors of Long Island[]

Note: prior to 1929, Governors were appointed by the Sovereign.



No. Name Assumed office Left office
1Viscount Wyndham 18911896
2Baron Holmes 18961912
3George Gordon Ryan 19121917
4Sir Michael Guinness 19171922
5Sir Albert Surrey 19221930
6Andrew Walsh 19301934
7John George 19341944
8Reginal Kew 19441952
9Hugh Stanton 19521960
10Patrick Earle 19601964
11John Friar 19641970
12Eamonn Howe 19701978
13Ted Coleman 19781982
14Owen Knight 19821986
15Wayne Stewart 19861990
16Sandra F. Wood 19902006
17Peter Crouch 20062013
18Imogen McKinnon 2013


19Kate McDonald20182018
20Jo Welsh2019Incumbent