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Prior to Georgeland's independence in 1891 from the United Kingdom, Georgeland was governed as a British overseas possession. The Colony of Georgeland recieved its first official Governor in 1797. The early Governors had total control over the colony, and were all military officers. Over time, a more responsible form of government developed, and by the 1860s the Governor had become a ceremonial position, with power held by the Colonial Assembly and the Chief Minister of the Colony of Georgeland.

List of Governors of the Colony of Georgeland[]

  1. Captain Roger Leechworth 1797-1804
  2. Captain John Galloway 1804-1814
  3. Commodore Sir Arthur Harrow 1814-1819
  4. Colonel Sir George Fremont 1819-1831
  5. Admiral Sir Charles Barrow, later Lord Barrow 1831-1837
  6. Captain Andrew McDonnell 1837-1843
  7. Earl of Leicester 1843-1853
  8. Baron Whitley 1853-1860
  9. Alexander Cameron Dulles, later Viscount Dulles 1860-1866
  10. Charles Douglas Cameron, later Viscount Cameron 1866-1870
  11. Admiral Sir Charles Edward Fox 1870-1878
  12. Sir Daniel White 1878-1885
  13. Arthur Paddock, Baron Paddock 1885-1891

Following the adoption of the Georgeland Governance Act in 1891, and the signature of Queen Victoria on that act, Georgeland became a self-governing Dominion. The position of Governor was replaced by that of Governor-General of Georgeland.