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Gray Flowers is a song written and performed together by British Band Productive Emotion and the popular Taiping band White Phosphorus and was released on April 24th. It was highly rated by critics and ascended to the top of the charts in Britannia, Cascadia, the United States and the Taiping Empire (though it reached top 10 in the New Japanese Empire and Everett).


With the surprising success (in Taiping, China and New Japan) of White Phosphorus' last album, Enuma Elish, the band attempted to spread mainstream. However, the failure of White Phosphorus' Single Black Album in America, the band realized that it could not compete with western bands without collaboration with Western Bands. Thus, the Taiping enlisted the help of Britannian alternative rock band Productive Emotion. According to White Phosphorus' songwriter and drummer Myo Min-hee and Productive Emotion's Alan Green, the concept of the song was developed when the Taiping Empire announced its creation of World End, a Weapon of Mass destruction a step above the most powerful WMD until then, the Fusion Bomb. Gray Flowers has a distinctly anti-war tone that has led to its use by many peace demonstrators, particularly its signature line "Missile Showers bring Gray Flowers". As of now, it remains the de facto rallying cry of peace movements in the same way "give peace a chance" characterized the hippie movement.

Performance, Release and Reception[]

In Britain, previous to the worldwide tour was held in Liverpool, concerts were performed in London from the top of the BBC Building by Productive Emotion, while in Hawaii and Japan, White Phosphorous also performed the song alone. In Liverpool and then New York City, though, both bands performed in all four working languages (English, Chinese, Korean and Japanese). While the initial concerts had low turnouts, its subsequent airing on Youtube and the fact that it coincided with the events that led to the Taiping-Russian war led to a packed audience in Liverpool and New York City. As of now, the tour will next play in Detroit.