Great Bulgarian empire
Великата Българска империя (Bulgarian)
Μεγάλη βουλγαρική αυτοκρατορία(Greek)
Motto: "Unity makes the strength"
Anthem: "For Empire"
Location of Great Bulgarian Empire (Superpowers)
Capital Odessous
Official languages

Bulgarian Greek

Recognized languages
Other languages


Demonym Bulgarian
Government Absolute monarchy with charasteristic of semi-federal democracy, noocracy and techocracy
• Legislative Branch

Imperial Senate

  • Upper House - Comitium Consularis,
  • Lower House - Comitia Curiata
• Total
39,843,367 km2 (15,383,610 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• Estimate
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
$234 trillion
(BGN$100 trillion)
• Per capita
$96,547 (BGN$41,273)
Gini 38.00
HDI 0.991
very high
Currency Imperial lev (BGN)
Time zone Universal Standard Time
Drives on the right
Calling code +359
Internet TLD .gbe .bg . be

The Great Bulgarian Empire or Bulgaria, Empire is a nation located in North Amera, South America, Australia, Asia, Oceania and Africa. The Empire has a land area of 10 million square miles, containing 40 provinces and five autonomous administrative zone. Bulgaria has a population of 3 billion citizens. The capital city is Varna, located in the Imperial Province. Bulgaria is member of Security Council of Earth Union.

The Empire has a lots of aliens colony, known as Imperium Colonianum (Imperial Colonies), and it is biggest galactic powers. Imperium Colonianum has their own constitution and governmont. However, their governmont must respect Imperial Senate of Bulgaria.


Age of New country (681-721)

Régime of Asparuh

The Bulgars of Asparuh moved westwards to what is now Bessarabia, subdued the territories to the north of the Danube in modern Wallachia, and established themselves in the Danube Delta. In the 670s they crossed the Danube into Scythia Minor, nominally a Byzantine province, whose steppe grasslands and pastures were important for the large herd stocks of the Bulgars in addition to the grazing grounds to the west of the Dniester River already under their control. In 680 the Roman Emperor Constantine IV (r. 668–685), having recently defeated the Arabs, led an expedition at the head of a huge army and fleet to drive off the Bulgars but suffered a disastrous defeat at the hands of Asparuh at Onglos, a swampy region in or around the Danube Delta where the Bulgars had set a fortified camp. The Bulgars advanced south, crossed the Balkan Mountains and invaded Thrace. In 681, the Byzantines were compelled to sign a humiliating peace treaty, forcing them to acknowledge Bulgaria as an independent state, to cede the ocupied teritories and to pay an annual tribute.

Khan Asparuh chose for his capital Ancient Greek city Odessous in 685. He made his palace near Eúxinos Póndos (Eύξεινος Πόντος). Because his people had very hard langugae, he acepted Latin and Greek alphabet and ordered making of new, pure Bulgarian language (694)

Khan Aspruh declared the first Bulgarian-Avar war in 695. After 7 years Bulagrain Khaganate and Avar Khaganate signed peace. Bulgarian took some land around Dunabe River. The first Khan of Bulgaria died in 1 january 704 year. He is inheired by his son, Tervel.

Régime of Tervel

Omnes viae Romam ire Odessos (All roads go to Rome and Odessos)

Khan Tervel started his firt year with war with Rome. After 2 year of war Bulgaria took control over Serdika and northern part of Ellada and they made border on Mount Olympus, sacred mountain of Ellada. The Bulgarians become main danger for Rome. Imperium Romanum sent legatorums to Bulgaria and started making economical trades.

Khan Tervel started building new cities and new roads. Bulgarian Empire has turned in one of Great Center of Economy and Politics. The Second Khan died in 3 june 721. To 722 the Bulgarians were ruled by Senate of Bulgar, but appeared junta and Bulgarian fell in civil war, First Bulgarian civil war. Bulgaria fell in Hundred-Year Darkness.

Hundred-Year Darkness (722-882)

Hundred-Year Darkness is period in Bulgarian history, full with anarchy and Interregnum.

Age of 30 khans (722-798)

Age of First Interregnum (799-832)

Zhanguó shíqí (Spring and Autumn Period) (832-865)

Roman preliminary rule (865-882)

Beginning of Reconquista
Khganate of Bulgarian Rome
The Fall of Rome and returning of Bulgaria

Zero Requiem (889)

Great exploration (890-1109)

Тhe great geographical discoveries (1111-1562)

Great Game of Superpowers (1563-1800)

The Age of Union (1800- nowadays)

Government and politics


National Legistature

Parliamentary Magistrates

Non-Parliamentary Magistrates

Territorial Administration





Teritories of Empire

Imperium Colonianum






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