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Cortolowe earthquake

Photo of the Muri Hotel, where the body of Norman Celluro was found.

"The Great Cortolowe Earthquake" was a global disaster that struck the planet Cortolowe in 1432. The earthquake originated off the coast of Terralindle, causing a tsunami wave that battered the coastlines of Wenmoru and Ubllar, and sunk land connecting the two areas, forming 3 islands. The largest island was named "Celluro" after the death of the current Shrediant at the time, Norman Juri Celluro, founder of the Global Party.

The death toll was near a figure of 60,040 people around the planet. It is the biggest disaster to have occurred in the history of Cortolowe, and has greatly effected the entire planet.

Damaging shock waves also took place in Wenmoru and Florence.

Famous Deaths[]

Among the 60,040 dead were Ublla Heath, Norman Jeri Celluro, Wyatt Hunter, and Melol Urner of the Global party (the leading planetary government at the time) who were temporarily staying in Wenmoru, the hardest hit area (which was battered with a tsunami wave and was worst effected by the quake).

Author Kebby Josen was found alive after falling through a crevasse that opened up in the road whilst she was driving. She was taken to hospital, but died of injuries.


The cleanup costs for the disaster cost what in USD would be somewhere near one hundred and thirty billion dollars globally. It took over a decade for damaged areas to fully recover.