The Green Party of Georgeland, usually just referred to as The Greens is a left-wing, environmentalist political party in the United Islands of Georgeland. The party presently has no representation in the House of Commons or the Senate.


The Green Party was formed in 1989 by amalgamating the six state Green parties and a number of small fringe parties. At the 1991 federal election, the party won two Senate seats, and in 1995 the party won its first seat in the House of Commons. At the double-dissolution election of 1999 the Greens lost all their parliamentary representation. In 2002, the Greens elected two MPs - Greg Downes and Jessica Starr - to the House of Commons but failed to win a Senate seat. A small number of Labour Senators, and one MP, joined the Greens when the Labour Party collapsed. At the 2005 election, Downes was narrowly defeated by the Conservative candidate in his seat, and Starr lost her seat by a large margin to the Liberal Democrats.

The Greens' lack of success in Georgeland puzzles many familiar with Georgeland's liberal perspective and history. However, the Green vote has been stifled by a series of left-wing governments who have adopted similar social and economic policies. The Greens have also been seen in the mainstream media as a group of extremists or as a protest party. Some commentators expect the Green vote to rise if the LDP undertakes a shift to the right, a distinct possibility in the near future.