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The Green Party of Georgeland, usually just referred to as The Greens is a left-wing, environmentalist political party in the United Islands of Georgeland. The party holds 10 seats in the House of Commons and 6 in the Senate - after 1 January 2020, the party will hold nine Senate seats. 


Green Party of Georgeland
National Convenor Lisa Lees
National Campaign Director Mike Lin
Leader Helen Hollis
Co-Deputy Leaders Taylor Yates
Dana Nathan
Founded 1989
Headquarters 18-20 National Avenue, Topstad FD
Membership 25,000
Ideology Green politics
House of Commons 10/265
Senate 6/80

The Green Party was formed in 1989 by amalgamating the six state Green parties and a number of small fringe parties. At the 1991 federal election, the party won two Senate seats, and in 1995 the party won its first seat in the House of Commons. At the double-dissolution election of 1999 the Greens lost all their parliamentary representation. In 2002, the Greens elected two MPs - Greg Downes and Jessica Starr - to the House of Commons but failed to win a Senate seat. A small number of Labour Senators, and one MP, joined the Greens when the Labour Party collapsed. At the 2005 election, Downes was narrowly defeated by the Conservative candidate in his seat, and Starr lost her seat by a large margin to the Liberal Democrats.

Structure and leadership[]

The Greens leadership follows a largely collective model based on consensus, however, it does have a single federal leader. The leadership is elected by the membership of the party, while the deputy leadership is elected by parliamentarians. If the federal leader is not a parliamentarian (which has never happened), a parliamentarian must be deputy leader. 

Senator Helen Hollis was elected the party's fourth leader in 2019. There are two co-deputy leaders, Taylor Yates MP and Senator Dana Nathan.

The party's members elect a National Committee, which is presided over by a National Convener. The National Convener acts as the party's chief executive. 

Party leaders[]

Leader Served
Senator Greg Downes 2010-2019
Senator Helen Hollis 2019-


Electoral performance[]




Elected representatives[]

House of Commons[]

Member Seat State In office
Michael Redmond Chipwich South MLD 1995-1999
Greg Downes Pamby EM 2002-2005
Jessica Starr Cunningham WM 2002-2005
Peter Enders Neilson WM 2003-2005
Jane Markey Wilkes LE 2003-2005
Kevin Simpson Edwards CAP 2017-2019
Roberta Osman Cheltenham EM 2017-2019
Umma Chakra Cathedral SCO 2017-2019
Rachael Garbutt Queensbridge SCO 2017-2019
Diane Chou Cardiff WM 2017-2019
Dhani Jeddah Cliff WM 2017-2019
Taylor Yates Cunningham WM 2017-
Deanna Quincy Romphumburg WM 2017-2019
Gary Stanton Waters SCO 2019-
Poh Ling Wah Kingston EM 2019-
Colin Prendergast Blake WM 2019-
Colin Woods Huzzah EM 2019-
Sunil Jahan Georgetown DI 2019-
Vijay Ray Gaffer EM 2019-
Emma Bowman Pearmont WM 2019-
Laura Heston Parkhurst EM 2019-
Grant Bear Garden Island WM 2019-


Member State In office
John Bellinger MLD 1992-1999
Isobel Michaels LI 1992-1995
Tony Daley BRA 1995-1999
Lucy West LI 1995-1999
Greg Downes EM 2008-2019
Janice Frost WM 2002-
Roy Beckerman CAP 2008-
Dana Nathan LI 2008-
Helen Hollis WM 2014-
Karen Loomis CAP 2014-2019
Casey Lowes CAP 2019-
Paul Malik EM 2019-