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The Rt. Hon. Gregory Thomas Green, PC was the 4th Prime Minister of Georgeland. Elected as a Conservative in 1915, Green served only one term as Prime Minister, resigning as Prime Minister shortly before the 1919 general election. Green is chiefly remembered for his role as Prime Minister during Georgeland's participation in the First World War, in which nearly sixty thousand Georgeland soldiers were killed and more than a hundred thousand wounded. Green's steadfast defence of the British Empire was popular during his term, but after the end of the war he was heavily criticised for not attending the Versailles conference and his "Britain first" policies saw him become unpopular amid a rising tide of nationalism. In 1919 he resigned as Prime Minister in favour of David Turner after a revolt by his own party. He remained a Member of Parliament until the general election of 1932 and served in the government of Frederick Eccles before ill-health forced his retirement. He was avidly opposed to any move towards Georgeland becoming a republic, calling the republican movement a 'Papist plot to surrender our nation to rogues and rebels.'

Gregory Thomas Green
Position 4th Prime Minister of Georgeland
Term in office 11 March 1915 - April 17, 1919
Preceded by Eric Donaldson
Succeeded by David Turner
Political party Conservative
Total time in office 4 years 1 months 6 days (13th)
Born February 15, 1860
Died November 13, 1938
Spouse Elizabeth Green

Preceded by
Eric Donaldson
Prime Minister of Georgeland
April 17, 1919 - December 3, 1921
Succeeded by
David Turner