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Grey Island
Grey Island

Grey Island (red) within Ostena-Sellaport

Country Viaska
Population 7,040
Kipriae Island
Main Industries Commerce (Historically Shipping)

Grey Island is a district of Central Ostena, in Viaska, that takes it's name from the island on which it is situated.


Grey Island is one of three islands in the mouth of the River Vant, the others being Warsgraed Island and Frances Island. Of the three islands, Grey Island is the second largest both in terms of area and population. The island itself is very flat, with no hills at all.


Today, Grey Island is one of the most desirable and expensive areas in Ostena, with the average house being sold for £900,000. There is little commerce in the neighbourhood, with the only shops being located on Baltimore Avenue which bisects the island.


Grey Island is served by Ostena Metro rail services, via Grey Island rail station. Grey Island station is a minor stop, and sees smaller passanger numbers than many other stops on the metro, as the residents are predominantly wealthy - and do not usually travel by train.

One of Ostena's principal roads, Baltimore Avenue bisects the island in a north/south direction, with frequent bus services to both Ostena and Sellaport city centres.


Grey Island is bounded by the River Vant on all sides. Across the river to the north is Warsgread Island, and to the south are Convention and Frances Island.

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