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Grokked Universe is a semi-private science-fiction conworld that begins Today, in the early 21st Century, and extends in a continuous timeline hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years towards the future. It aims to be a reasoned treatment of science, technology and humanity as each grows over time.

Beginning Scenario and Development[]

Grokked Universe begins in the world we know today, with the rules we know today. It attempts reasoned predictions about the future, and builds a world from those predictions.


Grokked Universe has three fundamental goals:

  1. Be a reasonably predictive picture of what humanity might look like in the future, both near and far.
  2. Be internally-consistent.
  3. Serve as a foundation for third-party fictional projects such as amateur and professional writing, webcomics, etc.


Grokked Universe is stored on a wiki with limited write access, to guard against vandalism, and to protect consistency. Discussions and contributions are made on the forum, and then moved over to the wiki.


The content on the Grokked Universe wiki is covered under a Creative Commons Attribution license.