RTS Grosvenor Square
Station statistics
Address 200 East Grosvenor Square, Koiwai
Purple Line
Parking none
Bicycle facilities 50 racks, 10 lockers
Other information
Opened April 19, 2010
Accessible Wheelchair symbol
Code F11
Owned by Koiwai Department of Transportation

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Purple Line Terminus

Grosvenor Square is an island-platformed RTS Koiwai station in Koiwai, Ivalice. The station was opened on April 19, 2010, and is operated by the Koiwai Department of Transportation. Serving as the southwestern terminus of the Purple Line, it is connected to the underground Grosvenor rail yard, the newest storage facility in the RTS Koiwai system. The station is located on the eastern side of Grosvenor Square, where it intersects Edison Boulevard.

Service began on April 19, 2010, with the completion of RTS Koiwai phase V-2, the final phase of the Koiwai Modified Approved Transit System, and the completion of the RTS Koiwai. There is a single entrance, at the street intersection, at the base of the Towers at Grosvenor Square development.

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