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Gurmann CC(Gurmann Construction Company
Type Statutory Corporation
Founded 24 March 1960
Owner State
Key People Mark Henkcler
Headquarters Grumann HTB
Atlantic City
Area served Antarctica,and more 10 countries
Industry Heavy construction, Engineering, Project Management
Products Construction contracting
Revenue Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 51.361 billion
Profit Green Arrow Up Darker US$ 2.361 billion
Employees 176,146 (2006)


Constuction procces

Grumann Corporation (Grumann Group) is the largest engineering company in the Antarctica . With headquarters in the Financial District of Atlantic City,[2] Bechtel had 44,000 employees as of 2009 working on projects in nearly 10 countries with $51.4 billion in revenue.

It has also had involvement in several other high profile construction engineering projects, including the Rendgann Tunnel, numerous power projects, refineries, and nuclear power plants, BART, Atlantic Industrial City and Kingdom Centre, Atlantic City International Airport .