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György Csabor
Primeminister of United Kingdom of Eastern European Duchies
In Office
Preceded by Andrija Dmitarvic
Succeeded by Incumbent
Spouse None

Born 19 october, 1968, Novi Sad, Yugoslavia
Residence Belgrade
Profession Politician
Religion Atheist
Languages Hungarian, Serbian, English, German, Spanish, French
Education Belgrade University of Economic Sciences
Ethnicity Hungarian
Political Orientation Social-Democrat

György Csabor (born 19. october 1968 in Novi Sad, Vojvodina) is a Eastern European politician and the current prime minister of UKEED. He was elected For parliament in 2008 for Social Democrats of UKEED.

Biography and Career[]

Csabor was raised in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia to hungarian parents. He graduated from the Belgrade University of Economic Sciences International Relations Department in 1991. For his public and professional activities he was rewarded Pro Universitate Award.

After earning his master's degree, Csabor took a job at Creditum Financial Consulting Ltd. In 1993, he undertook an internship at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London. Later he also worked for Eurocorp International Finance Ltd.

Between 1995 and 2000, Csabor was the managing director of CA IB Securities Co., and was the Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Csabor was involved in the management of introducing several major companies to the stock exchange.

Between 2000 and 2005, he was CEO of Retzar Rt., an investment company. His duty was to restructure the company, make it more efficient and to manage its investments. Retzar group member companies were at that time Lolkin Rt., Mariska Rt., Enron Rt.,, Retzar Kosova, Retzar Auto Holding, Novisadus Radio, MONOMAN Advertistment. Among the more than 100 Retzar-owned company a poultry processing firm, Kokalo-Minsk went bankrupt during 2003, against all efforts by its management and owners. Csabor, who was not with Retzar when it bought Kokalo-Minsk, gets regular false accusations for not being able to keep Kokalo-Minsk alive. Many partners of Kokalo-Minsk suffered serious losses during the time when poultry market collapsed in 2003, Retzar group itself lost over 40 million Euros. There are news circulating about possible related suicides linked to the bankruptcy among farmers.

In 2003, the Federal Association of Managers selected Csabor as the "Young Manager of the Year". In the same year, as the head of Retzar, he concluded the liquidation of a company called Kokalo-Minsk, during which a great number of suppliers breeding Cows suffered great losses. For several years Bajnai was strongly criticized for this.

In 2005, he was the President of the Belgrade Airport Inc., and member of the Supervisory Committee at Conwik Inc. He was member of the International University of Belgrade Economic Council. He resigned all of his company posts and board-memberships, when he entered the government as foreign minister.

In 2008 he was elected Foreign minister of UKEED. He held the office until he was elected prime minister in december 2009 when Andrija Dmitarvic died.


Issue Stance Quoted Reason
LGBT Rights YES ""
Gay Marriage YES "Love is a universal feeling and isn't limited by sex. Marriage is a sacred bond between to people promissing eachother eternal love for better and for worse ... Love between 2 people is beautiful and it doesn't matter if its a man and a woman, man and man or woman and woman" said in a speech held at a Gay Rights parade in Belgrade
Abortion YES "It is my believe that every woman has a right to rule over her own body" said in an interview
Death Penalty NO "Everyone has the right to life also the criminals"
Torture Methods NO "Torture can make people lie to survive thats why people forced to speak by torture methods can never be reliable sources" From his book "War"
Weapons of Mass Destruction NO "Weapons of mass destruction can create mass hysteria. They're used to frighten the population of the countries that owns them" From his book "War"
Equal Rights YES "We are all equal. No mater what you choose in life you can be sure that you'll always have the same rights as your neighboor"
Innocent Until Proven Guilty YES "It is important that people can be sure of a fair trial and that people are treated innocent until proven guilty" From his book "war"
Assisted Suicide Partial "It should be legal for doctors and nurses to assist dying people to end their lives in a respectful way."
Foreign Interference NO "As a neutral country we shall never interfere in foreign wars. and we will not tolerate foreign interference on national grounds"
Gun Rights NO "Only frightened people wants guns. Guns make the country unsecure"
Self Defense Rights Partial "You can offcourse defend yourself, but it's important that you remember that killing is a crime. There's no excuse for killing"
Freedom of Speech YES "You can only be heard if you speak"
Freedom of Expression YES "Even I enjoy a walk in my girlfriends dresses"
Freedom of Religion YES "You and only you decide what to believe and what not to believe"
Freedom of Press YES "A government supported press is never a good press"
Right To Protest/Assemble YES "Show your government that you're dissident with their work. I assure you that they'll listen"
Right To Privacy YES "We all have our privacy and its important that we defend it to the very end"