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HP Kromann

Hans Peter Kromann (Born October 7, 1964) also known as HP Kromann is an Aeroeic politician for Radical Left, Businessman, and the 11th president of Aeroe.

He was born in Ærøskøbing on October 7, 1964. His father, Niels Peter Kromann, was a sailor and his mother, Irene Kromann, was a teacher. He lived in Ærøskøbing, untill the town was closed in 1980, and was the CEO of Kromann IT. In 1980 he moved his business to Dunkær, and in 1981 he was married to Karen Nielsen.

Kromann has been a member of parliament for Radical Left since 1994. In 2009 he was elected president of Aeroe, and was inaugurated January 1, 2010.