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Admiral Hank John Reynolds
Position 13th President of Georgeland
Term in office January 2, 2003 - February 3, 2004
Preceded by Susan O'Byrne
Succeeded by Charlotte Lang
Total time in office 1 year 1 month 1 day
Born May 19, 1949
Spouse Elizabeth Reynolds (married 1982)

Vice Admiral Hank John Reynolds DSO MM (b. 19 May 1949) is a Georgeland naval officer and former political figure who served as the 13th President of Georgeland from 2003 until his resignation in 2004. A graduate of the National Naval Academy in Lylecity (his home town), Reynolds was a career navy officer who served in the first Gulf War. From 2000 to 2002 he was the Chief of Navy, the highest-ranked naval officer, with the rank of Vice Admiral.

In October 2002, the Rhodes government announced Reynolds as its choice to succeed the popular Susan O'Byrne as president. The appointment was slightly controversial, as no military officer had been appointed since 1962, and some commentators suggested the appointment was inappropriate as previous recent presidents had been jurists or academics. Nonetheless, Reynolds' appointment was confirmed by the parliament, under the system in place at the time, and his term slated to begin on January 2.

An uncontroversial president for the bulk of his term, Reynolds' presidency became embroiled in a scandal in October of 2003 when it was alleged his office had authorised the use of government cars to visit late-night venues across Topstad in May and June of that year. Further allegations surfaced that in fact Reynolds had used the cars himself, and that the purpose of the visits had been to solicit male sex workers. Prostitution in the Federal District was legal, but the use of government funds for that purpose, revealed through freedom of information documents, was a violation of several ethics laws.

Reynolds initially denied the charges and said the incidents were a misunderstanding. However, in early November, a former sex worker, speaking on condition of anonymity to the Daily Mail, said that he had personally been visited by Reynolds once, and on two occasions invited to 'parties' at Martin Hall. The president's security detail refused to comment, as was protocol, but three days later a source inside the detail alleged Reynolds was 'notorious' for 'late-night visitors'.

On November 10, 2003, Reynolds agreed to temporarily stand aside as president while an official investigation was conducted. As the investigation proceeded, led by the Senate, more allegations came to light of Reynolds' behaviour while in the navy, including an incident in 1983 when he had been reprimanded for procuring sex workers, and another in 1987 when he had been investigated for 'sodomy' by the navy (and ultimately cleared); homosexuality in the armed forces was not permitted in Georgeland until 1996.

While investigators insisted Reynolds' sexuality or otherwise was not in question and not under investigation, the allegations "painted a sordid picture", according to Globe & Standard journalist Jack Kelly. On February 1, 2004, Reynolds announced he would resign the presidency, while reiterating he would be cleared of all charges. He formally resigned on 2 February.

On 19 March, Reynolds was indicted and charged with defrauding the federal government. He was found guilty in the Supreme Court of the Federal District on 28 June. He was fined $30,000 and issued with a four-year suspended sentence, avoiding jail time.

As a result of his conviction, Reynolds was not promoted to four-star rank, as is usual for former presidents who served as flag officers. He is the only Georgeland president to have held a three-star rank rather than a four-star.

Since his resignation, Reynolds has rarely spoken publicly and has avoided all media appearances, save for one interview on military readiness in 2007. According to reports, as of 2021 he was living in retirement in Lylecity.

Reynolds is sometimes referred to as the country's first LGBT president; during the period of his investigation, Reynolds repeatedly denied that he was homosexual. In a very brief statement in 2014, on the tenth anniversary of same-sex marriage being legalised in Georgeland, Reynolds said only that he was "not a member of the LGBT community".

Preceded by
Susan O'Byrne
President of Georgeland
January 2, 2003 - February 3, 2004
Succeeded by
Charlotte Lang