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The healthcare in denmark is controlled byt the Ministry of Health as far as federal laws go. The hospitals and clinics are controlled by the States and municipalities.

Healthcare System =[]

Denmark has full universal healthcare, every treatment in public hospitals and clinics are payed by the state. Private hospitals and clinics are not covered by the national health insurance, and must be payed by the patients or another healthinsurance. The biggest healthinsurance in Denmark is "Sygeforsikringen Danmark" (Healthinsurance Denmark") that covers medicine, glasses, dental-work and treatment in private hospitals and clinics.

Care Centers[]


These clinics provide people with basic healthcare such as blood tests, vaccination, prescription medication and check-ups. Clinics are funded by the states. Every healthclinic has 1 or more doctors attached. These are private doctors who practice their own medicine outside of a hospital. They provide testing, check-ups, vaccination and can give prescription medication to patients. They are authorized by the Ministry of Health, and are payed by the States.


Denmark has big central hospitals (Statshospitaler) in every state, it also has smaller municipal hosipital (Kommunehospitaler). The central hospitals can deal with many kinds of disease and injury, and has an emergency department to deal with immediate and urgent threats to health. The Municipal hospitals typically only have an emergency department where from the patients can be transferred to the central hospitals. Some municipal hospitals are however bigger and can handle many of the same things as the central hospitals due to there gerographical location. the hospitals are funded by the states and municipalities combined.


Every municipality has 1 or 2 pharmacies where trained pharmacists handle the medicine. The pharmacists must guide the patients on how to use the medicine correctly. Medicine is not covered by the universal healthcare, but by the healthinsurances. Medicine is however cheap in Denmark with a maximum price of 50DKK ($8) set by the government. The pharmacies are funded by the states.

Cannabis Clinics[]

Cannabis clinics are located in Aarhus, Jutland and Copenhagen, Zeeland to provide free cannabis for drugusers. 1 doctor, a psychiatrist and 2 nurses are attached to the clinics. Cannabis can only be given, if the patient has a drugabuse. The first Cannabis clinic opened in Copenhagen in february 2010. The states of Funen, Faroe islands and Greenland has not yet legalised Cannabis. The Cannabis clinics are funded by the municipalities of Aarhus and Copenhagen.

Dental Clinics[]

Dental clinics are private, and all dental work is covered by private healthinsurance. The people of Denmark think its to expensive to visit the dental clinics, and the danish social democrats and the socialist people's party are trying to incorporate the dental clinics in to the universal healthcare. Free dental clinics have been opened for homeless an poor families.