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Shortcuts in Conworlds are a specialized type of redirection page that can be used to get to a Conworlds project reference page more quickly. Lists of available Conworlds shortcuts can be found at CW:WP = Constructed worlds:List of shortcuts, and CT:CT = Constructed worlds:Shortcuts to talk pages.


Example: #redirect [[Pagename]] {{R from shortcut}}.

How to use Conworlds shortcuts

A Conworlds shortcut can be entered into the Conworlds search box to quickly bring you to a reference page.
For example, you can type "CW:R" into the search box and click the "Go" button to get to the Conworlds "Redirect" reference page, instead of having to type "Constructed worlds:Redirect".

Alternatively, you can use the shortcut in the URL (web address). For example, you are currently viewing the Constructed worlds:Shortcut page in English. The URL for the English-language page is:

You could get from here to the Constructed worlds:Redirect project reference page by replacing "Constructed worlds:Shortcut" with "CW:R" in the URL (web address) field (followed by "Enter").

Shortcuts are presented in all capital letters ("All-Caps"), but the search box is case-insensitive. For example, in the search box, you can type "CW:r" instead of "CW:R".

However, using the URL method typically requires that you match the capitalization of the shortcut itself.

Adding shortcut link boxes

A shortcut link box can be added to a page by placing {{Shortcut|[[CW:<x>]]}} at the top of the text while editing. A note from the "shortcut template" page:

Please do not use this template on other templates, e.g. to state that the shortcut to Template:Foo is in fact {{Foo}}. There's no need to state the obvious like that, each template uses its own name as a shortcut, by default.

Guidelines with shortcuts pointing to them typically use {{guideline|[[CW:<x>]]}} instead of {{Shortcut}}, for an example see above. Another example is {{Style-guideline|[[CW:<x>]]}}, see also Conworlds header templates.

How to create a shortcut

For an existing page like Constructed worlds:Template Standardisation create the desired new CW:TS page with a single line: (example, this shortcut already exists)

#REDIRECT[[Constructed worlds:Template Standardisation]] {{R from shortcut}}

Many shortcuts are acronyms, others are abbreviations, quite a lot are simply WP:BAD, but technically they are redirections.

Changing shortcuts

Technically that's easy, click on the shortcut wherever it is, on the page it leads to (a shortcut is a redirect) click on the "redirected from" link (forcing &redirect=no), edit the target #REDIRECT [[Constructed worlds:Whatever]], then add {{R from shortcut}} if that expression doesn't already appear. But there are some potential traps and pitfalls:

  1. If the shortcut is already listed on CW:WP or a similar list like WT:WT please update that entry showing the new target page.
  2. If the old target page mentions its shortcut, then that also should be updated, typically in {{Shortcut}} or similar Conworlds header templates.
  3. Above all check the shortcut backlinks with "what links here"; changing a shortcut used elsewhere can be highly disruptive.
  4. If it has no backlink folks might still use it directly with search forms, if you're not 100% sure that the old target is unused; so ask about it on the shortcut's talk page.
  5. For controversial cases there is a "redirects for deletion" procedure CW:RFD.

List of shortcuts

An incomplete list of shortcuts can be found at Constructed worlds:List of shortcuts, and as expected this page has itself various shortcuts like CW:WP, CW:CUTS, or just CW:.

Other shortcuts for shortcut lists are CW:WPR with some Constructed worlds:Project shortcuts and WT:WT with some Constructed worlds:Shortcuts to talk pages. Obviously many shortcuts are (ab)used to make a CW:POINT and best described by CW:WOTTA.

On Meta shortcuts start with WM:, the list is at m:WM:WM. As shown, links to shortcuts on other projects work as expected, but redirects (incl. shortcuts) to pages on other projects won't work - this former feature was abused and hence it has been disabled.

Use special pages to find uncategorized or unlisted pages starting with a given prefix, e.g. Special:Prefixindex/CAT: for some category shortcuts.

List of prefixes

Pseudo-namespaces sometimes used include:

Constructed worlds:
CW: Constructed worlds: (in rare cases, User:)
WT: Conworlds talk:
Special talk: Conworlds talk:Special
WPP: Constructed worlds:WikiProject
MOS:, MoS:, Mos: Constructed worlds:Manual of Style
CAT: Category:
P: Portal:
T: Template: or Template talk:

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