Se Tnasor Helsinkeye
Area 74,408 km²
Official language Helsingese
Other languages Hovlaegese, Golsijese, Malmese, Hakrese, Standre
Capital Klote
Prime Minister
Constitutional monarchy
Maran IV
Guso Bayade
Anthem Ro tno u re spod de lapti

Helsink is a country in Nylandia, southeastern part of continent of Tavastia.


Helsink is divided to seven provinces (plur. oreni, sing. oren)

Biggest cities

  • 1st: Espaz-Kamfije-Klote metropolitan area, 8.9 million inhabitants
  • 2nd: Varg Hando metropolitan area, 3.4 million inhabitants
  • 3rd: Malme-Bosspak metropolitan area, 3.1 million inhabitants
  • 4th: Fenkava metropolitan area, 1.9 million inhabitants


Helsink is mainly a flat country. The tallest mountains are situated near Vantagan border, the tallest being Puro da Malmarka, 1989 m MSL.

Climate is maritime. The temperatures on coast range in July between +17 and +21 Celsius, in January between -1 and +3. On central plains the temperatures are in July around +20 and in January around -5. File:Helsink.png

Continent of Tavastia
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